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Lady B (claire finley), hails from the 'mean streets and manicured lawns of Davenport, iowa'.... according to key west guitar legend, Caffeine carl. for the past three and a half years she has captured the musical imaginations of tourists and locals alike with her earthy grooves, soulful voice, and deep electric bass frequencies.  as a 2009 Berklee College of Music graduate, she enjoys playing many different styles of music in all different capacities. live performing continues to be her passion but you will hear her sparkling background vocals and pocket grooves shining through on a vast number of studio recordings.  Lady B loves to travel and spends her time off stage plotting her next big adventure.  be sure to catch a show from one of her many different musical configurations on your next trip to key west!  check out Lady B Music on facebook for a full schedule of events.

Claire is a leader and/or member of many bands in key west, florida;  the e’Claires, the ramble band, the Skank, raven & Claire duo, and the key lime pirates. each group has it's own musical style and attitude and features 'the best of the best' musicians who reside in the florida keys.  Whatever type of music you are looking for, Claire plays with a group that will spark your interest and leave you wanting more!  she performs regularly at some of the area's finest establishments including the Green parrot, sunset pier, blue heaven, sloppy joe's, hogs breath saloon and schooner wharf.  this bass playing power-house enjoys the various roles of being a front-woman just as much as being a background support player. 

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Since hitting the key west

music scene 2 1/2 years ago,

bass player, pianist, and singer

Lady B, aka claire finley

performs, records and sings

with the hottest musicians in

key west including bill blue, caffeine carl, andy westcott and jeff clark and holds the honor of being bass player in the Ramble Band at the key west theater. while attending Berklee College of Music in boston she was given the opportunity to travel all over the world in a study abroad program and has since shared the stage with Steve winwood,

g love, meshell m'degeocello, zac brown, nick heyward, Bobby lee rodgers, the dhol Foundation, as well as english-american screen writer/composer/musician,

christopher guest. Just to name a few... read more

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